Madhi Nagarajan

➤ 4th Year Software Engineering Student at McMaster University
➤ Previously an SDE Intern @ AWS


Amazon Web Services
Software Development Engineer Intern
Led the development of a new CLI feature within AWS EC2 Autoscaling, due for public rollout.
Technologies used: Java, MySQL, AWS Lambda
Intact Financial
Software Developer Intern
Implemented key UI features and developed Spring microservices for a web application used by insurance brokers to generate quotes.
Technologies used: Java, Spring Boot, Angular, Python
Dynasoft Consulting
Full Stack Engineer Intern
Implemented RESTful services and client-side webpages for a fleet management web app.
Technologies used: .NET Core, Javascript, SQL, Google Maps API, Identity API
FRC 4308: Absolute Robotics
Software Mentor
Coordinated 60+ members to build an industrial-sized robot and compete in international competitions. Mentored students on software engineering concepts (Java Development, Git).


A note-taking application that manages Markdown notes on GitHub repositories.
Built with React and Flask.
Integrated with the GitHub API for user authorization (OAuth) and easy repository commits.
A web-mapping service that develops efficient & optimized route plans for transportation drivers. The app utilized a road dataset of 400,000+ nodes.
Built with React and Spring Boot.
A web application that displays and updates lyrics based on a user’s currently playing song.
Built with React and Node/Express.js.
A networking platform that connects students with local tutors on university campuses across Ontario.
Built with React, Material UI, and Flask.
Constructed an Arduino-powered robot that drives based on user voice input from our Android Studio voice recognition app.
Image Filter
Created a C program that processes image convolutions to image files. This creates a filter or blur effect on the image (eg. Gaussian Blur, Unsharp masking) depending on the kernel matrix.


Languages & Technologies
  • Adaptable and Willingness to Learn
  • Reliable and Consistent
  • Attention to Detail
  • Team Building

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